In the Sahnoeyeipoe Bahyoowei, when the World was still young, there existed a magnificent kingdom. It was called Fahboeyeidah. The power of Faboeyeidah reached deep into the lush expanse of the valley, up to the hills and mountains surrounding it.At the center of the Valley the main palace could be found. It was just as lavish as the whole kingdom. The majority of the palace was made from a deep purple marble. This marble could only be harvested deep within the caves of the nearby mountain.
As such, it was a clear sign of its ruler’s wealth and power. ​​​​​​​What wasn’t marble was made of rich red glass in the form of decorative elements such as mosaics. All of this was ruled by the mighty but benevolent Fahboeyahnei
For his wife, Faboeyahnei found the most beautiful woman alive. He felt he could only be satisfied with a wife that could compete with the splendor of his kingdom. Before they were to bear their first child a prophecy was told unto the King. The prophecy foretold that the king would be murdered by his own child, subsequently his kingdom would burn at the hands of said child. The king, being a compassionate and loving man, thought little of the prophecy. However, he did not wish to question the gods. To honor the gift of the prophet he iterated the prophecy to himself regularly. He hoped this would help guide him away from the divination.
Soon after the reveal of the prophecy his wife gave birth to their first child. A little girl. The king was relieved at this; however, he made cautious plans for her upbringing. The King decided she should be raised to be smart, compassionate, and brave. He would not have her receive much education in combat. To avoid his kingdom’s destruction by rule he made sure to teach her thoroughly the things that made him such a beloved king. ​​​​​​​
It didn’t take long for the glorious queen to undergo the birth of another child…and another…and another…until they had a total of six beautiful daughters in all. Each one was as beautiful as the last. Not only were these girls drop-dead gorgeous, they also had remarkable gifts and talents of their own. When the seventh daughter was born, she proved to be the exception. Compared to her sisters, Peiyoegwei was quite diminutive and weak. She didn’t share their talents for creative arts and she never did anything the conventional way. Despite this, the whole kingdom loved Peiyoegwei and showered her with nothing but adoration. Although the king would never admit it, she was his favorite.
The years went on and the King took great notice of his strong and talented daughters. In the back of his head the prophecy echoed louder and louder with each passing day. The King being a clever man decided to kill two birds with one stone. His kingdom was mighty and strong, but not expansive. He needed allies, so to strengthen and protect his kingdom he betrothed his six eldest daughters to the six strongest societies in their world. The youngest remained in her home kingdom. The king and his people couldn’t bear to send her away.
Some years passed and all in the kingdom remained well. The newfound bonds with its allies only strengthened. Each year, to celebrate their prosperity and peace, the king would throw a magnificent gathering that would last for days. His six scattered daughters would return to their homeland for this event. It was a time to renew bonds, strengthen alliances, and celebrate the good fortunes of the year.
Just when they thought their blessings were maxed, the new queen gave birth to a strong and healthy boy. Jubilant was the king and he let it show. He wasted no time in beginning the preparations for the annual celebration. This one was to put all the rest to shame, for this year the King had a true heir to the throne. Materials, food, decorations, and performers from all over the world were brought to the kingdom. A lavish new temple was added within the palace walls as tribute. No expense was spared. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The guests arrived promptly, as there was an electric air of excitement surrounding the event. No one wanted to miss it for the world. The Kings four daughters were the first to arrive. Each bore gifts for the young prince and their parents. With them they brought a small entourage from their home kingdoms.
            It was at the apex of the celebration that something very unexpected happened. Late at night, while all others slept, the youngest princess slipped from her bedchamber. Down the hallways she crept. Some of the merriment lingered in the hallways, but nothing and no one stirred as her soft steps gently echoed through them. Finally, Peiyoegwei came upon her father’s bedchamber.
            Silent as a ghost, she slipped into the room and she laid eyes upon her dear father. There in a content and deep slumber he lay alone. He was nestled in a half-sitting position on his bed. His body was indulgently sunk into the pillows. She crept to his side and brushed a cluster of stray hairs from his head. Just as he was about to stir from his sleep, she slit his throat expertly with a dagger she had hidden on her. She let him hang forward as she held his head back by his hair. The blood poured from his neck and it was caught in a ceremonial vase that she had brought with her. Patiently she waited for the bleeding to slow. Once sated with the amount of blood, she got to work. Limb by limb. Organ by organ. She harvested away at her father. This, you see, was instrumental to the rites she was about to perform. A mantra left her lips and echoed in the room as she bathed in his blood and adorned herself with parts of his body. Inside and out she needed to absorb her father. After she was well adorned, she quickly prepared and ate the most important parts of him. His heart for courage. His tongue for his eloquence. His brains for his intelligence.
She made intricate jewelry from his bones.
            To say these events were unexpected was indeed true—for no one who lived in the kingdom could have predicted them. However, to the youngest princess, it was a long time coming. For years Peiyoegwei carefully watched her father. How he kept them from certain knowledge. How he married them off like cattle for his own means. How he clearly had no intention of leaving the kingdom to any of his daughters, despite how they proved more than worthy. This belief was proven to be true once the young prince was born. At his reaction, she knew that he would never intend to pass down the kingdom to her. Unknown to her family and citizens Peiyoegwei had been deeply studying the rituals of the gods. She knew by heart the ceremony to invoke a contract with the gods. She knew how to pay tribute; and recently, she discovered how to absorb an established contract with a god. To accomplish this one must kill, bath in, and consume a vessel. The blood of the living fed the gods and imbued them the soul and spirit of the sacrificed. Likewise, to consume a vessel would imbued you with the essence of both the god and the individual. What Peiyoegwei didn’t know was how such an act would change her.            
After the ritual was complete, she was no longer the beautiful doe that her people fell in love with. Instead she was a black and red monster, a Yeipyah, that roamed the halls of the castle that she was about to claim. Her first task with her tainted power was to crush the life out of the new queen and her helpless infant. His cries echoed in the once silent castle and they stirred the castle’s inhabitants into a woken state. Panic ensued throughout. People scrambled to and fro searching for the disturbance. Those unlucky enough to find the Yeipyah did not survive to warn the others. By sunrise the castle was a bloodbath. Only a few managed to escape and flee the kingdom.
            And so it was. Centuries passed and the Yeipyah that was once Peiyoegwei ruled over her crumbling kingdom. Seldom would a traveler find their way into the valley. When they did they faced the wrath of the Yeipyah. Some claim that she bestowed gifts upon them. Others say they were able to bargain for their lives. Most though remain a mystery, as they were never heard from again.
            In these times, the ruins stand, but the original Yeipyah has long since abandoned them. While the site is still holy, few dare to venture within for fear of becoming tainted like Peiyoegwei and losing themselves. Should you be brave enough to enter the Sahnoeyeipoe Bahyoowei you should first receive many blessings from a high priest. Second, a holy relic or item should be carried upon your person at all times. Lastly, you should leave an offering to the shrine of Peiyoegwei at the entrance to the valley.
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